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    The Most Important Qualities Of Top DWI Lawyers

    Many DWI arrests usually occur on weekends,especially on Fridays,which means that drunk drivers often have to spend the weekend behind bars. While most people know that driving while intoxicated is illegal and dangerous,they still drink and drive thinking that they will not get caught. However,law enforcement officers are always patrolling local roads and highways to ensure drunk drivers do not get away with this offense. If you are charged with a DWI,be sure to look for the best- to defend you. Below are some of the most important qualities of top DWI lawyers to help you with the search:

    1. High Success Rate

    There are many ways that a DWI case can end. For one,you can plead guilty,pay the fine,install an IID and continue with your life. You can also negotiate a plea deal for a lesser sentence. Thirdly,your lawyer can convince the prosecutor to drop the charges for one reason or another. They can also convince the court to drop the charges for lack of merit. If the case proceeds to trial and determination,a competent lawyer may convince the judge that you were not driving while drunk. The best DWI lawyers have a proven record of success as they have successfully represented clients in many similar cases.

    2. Lots of Experience

    The top- have been around for many years and have handled many DWI cases. This means that they are in the best possible position to offer an effective DWI defense. When looking for a suitable DWI lawyer to defend you,therefore,you have to check the total number of DWI cases they have handled in the past. The most experienced DWI lawyers should get special consideration.

    3. Great Reputation

    The top DWI lawyers are respected by peers,the bench,the public and previous clients. This is because they are respectful and professional. When you are represented by a trusted and respected lawyer,you can expect them to cut a great deal with the prosecution to have the DWI charge withdrawn. The sitting judge will also put a lot of weight to whatever the lawyer is saying just because of their reputation. Therefore,you should spend a bit of time researching on the reputation of local DWI lawyers to find the most reputable one.